Slovenia in Brussels / PomanjÜaj pisavo PoveŔaj pisavo PRINT

Permanent Representation
of the Republic of Slovenia
to the EU in Brussels
Rue du Commerce 44
1000 Brussels, Belgium

P: (+) 32 2 213 6300
F: (+) 32 2 213 6301
E: spbr(at)

Slovenia in Brussels


Slovenia, like most other countries of the world, is well aware that Brussels is not only the EU political hub, but also an important European economic and cultural centre. Besides our diplomatic missions here, there are also Slovenian NGOs, business representations, and of course media correspondents active here.

As Slovenians are a sociable and hospitable people, they also set up ways to keep in touch with each other, as well as present Slovenian culture, zeal for sports, and its food and wine to their colleagues from other countries.

Diplomatic Representation



Slovenian Tourism Organisation

Slovenian Business and Research Association

Social Life