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Permanent Representation
of the Republic of Slovenia
to the EU in Brussels
Rue du Commerce 44
1000 Brussels, Belgium

P: (+) 32 2 213 6300
F: (+) 32 2 213 6301
E: spbr(at)

Social Life ÔÇô A virtual meeting point for Slovenians in Brussels

The on-line meeting point is intended for Slovenians (by origin or at heart) and their friends living in Brussels. The main objectives of this virtual meeting point of Slovenians in Brussels are the exchange of information on social events and practical aspects of life in the European capital, and establishing contacts within the Slovenian community.

This informal online association provides information on culture, entertainment, informal contacts and events which might be of interest to the more than 700 Slovenians who live and work in Brussels. Several times during the year, a group of volunteers, who are also in charge of the webpage, prepare special gatherings of Slovenians, usually on Culture Day, National Day and at the end of the year; in between these events the association informs the Slovenian community in Brussels via monthly e-news. On the other hand, it is also a forum where members of the Slovenian community can directly contact each other. is not a political, religious or professional interest association, and does not engage in gainful activity.

If you would like to receive their news and invitations, send an e-mail to info(at)

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